About us

HR Metrics Consulting

HR Metrics Consulting supports companies in the digitalization of processes in the areas of human resources and analytics. Our focus is on workforce cost planning and analytics.

Our Vision

Digitized HR processes and data transparency at the push of a button for clear added value from HR and controlling for the business management – without any manual, time-consuming and error-prone Excel processes.

Our Mission

We take your workforce cost planning and HR analytics to the next level with the help of our custom software solutions, ready-to-use dashboards, and BI tools.

Our Services

We offer comprehensive process consulting, support in identifying and implementing the right software for your needs, provide agile models for workforce cost planning, and share ready-to-use HR dashboards. As a partner, we are always by your side!

We are a global team of experts

We are a dynamic and globally represented team of experts with different specializations. With the help of our specialized HR, software, and project management experts, we are able to offer a wide range of topics and focuses in our services. Our team is represented digitally and around the world, which allows us unlimited accessibility. 
We are sure that we also have the necessary know-how in our team for your request!


We offer individual services, tailored to your needs.

Take your workforce cost planning and HR analytics to a new level!